• Winner of the Hindustan Times Scholarship. Top 50 students out of 88,000 applicants. 
  • Winner of the Maharashtra Advanced Mathematics Competition for High School Students 
  • Winner of the Mahatma Gandhi RashtraBhasha Hindi Prachar Sanstha – A Hindi Language Competition 
  • Academic Honor Roll Recipient – Middle & High School Years
  • Cambridge ICT Merit Certification Level 3 
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IGCSE Grade 9 World Literature, Spanish, History, Physical Education, Chemistry and Physics

  • World Bank Group and Financial Times’ Blog Writing Competition for high school students – Distinction 
  • Homi Bhabha National Science Competition – Finalist 
  • Commonwealth Essay Competition Participant 
  • Singapore International School Writers Confluence, Mumbai – Senior Category Winner
  • University of Pennsylvania, Greek and Roman Mythology, 95% 
  • University of Oxford, Microeconomics, 98% with a Letter of Recommendation
  • Yale University, Financial Markets, 100% 
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IGCSE Grade 10 First Language English, World Literature, Physics, Global Perspectives, Physical Education and History

  • Academic Excellence Award Recipient for IBDP Year 11
  • Brown University’s Pre College Program, Contemporary Moral Issues, Pass
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IBDP Grade 11 History HL, Math HL, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences SL, English A Literature SL, French AB initio SL
  • Dorian Fisher Economics Essay Competition – Distinction
  • John Locke Society Political Science Essay Competition Finalist