About KamelDesigns

KamelDesigns is a home-based web design firm managed & owned by Youssef Kamel. Operating in Europe, Africa & North America, we helped several businesses worldwide grow & reach their potential customers through our professional web solutions.

KamelDesigns is specialized in Web Design & Development, Media Buying & Social Media Moderation.

Meet Youssef

Hello! I’m Youssef, a UX designer & owner at KamelDesigns. I come from Cairo, Egypt, and I have been in the web design & development industry for 4 years now working with small businesses & self-employed professionals. Throughout my career, I have helped over 30 businesses achieve their goals, grow their online businesses & provide their users with a stellar experience.

When I’m not designing or developing business websites, I enjoy experimenting, learning & conducting researches in my field.

If you would like us to work together to create a stellar product for your users, kindly book a free 15min introductory call to get started.

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